About Us:

The Vancouver Island Workability Society is a non-profit registered charity mandated to support People with Barriers (physical,  mental, emotional), to have a safe and meaningful productive life within an environmentally sustainable community. We believe that individuals that go through life challenges, such as, mental illness, and brain injury can rebuild skills, reconnect socially and improve their feeling of well-being.

We provide programs and services on our 10 acre working farm designed to make the structural shift in the employment environment to engage People With Challenges. We modify the work environment to make it possible for persons to function and manage the work environment. Our program make recovery real, and is based on two philosophies Active Engagement and Social Inclusion.

Active Engagement – Participants are given active roles in all aspects of the Workability Program. They are assigned roles and responsibilities and make on-going contributions to the success of the daily operations. Participants are engage in landscaping, growing of trees and flowers, indoor outdoor maintenance, kitchen work, office work, and customer service.

Medical research indicates that Active Engagement plays a vital role in human health and well-being, and activity is an effective strategy in maintaining good mental health, and treatment of mental illness.

Social Inclusion – Participants are supported and empowered to engage in social interaction with others. Participants work together as they learn new skills and work habits. Participants also interact with customers and the general public when involved in the different activities. The farm’s noon day meal is shared and enjoyed by all in attendance at the Farm on any given day – staff, participants, volunteers, subcontractors, visitors, guests etc.

We provide the opportunity for participants to learn without boundaries and reshape their perception of their ability to work.